Elmar Dam
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The essence of a good photo is having a great team.

Elmar Dam (Delft, 1976) is a curated artistic/ fashion photographer. He may rejoice in assignments of artistic/ fashion magazines and advertising agencies. His work is regularly exhibited and published.

Elmar challenges the viewer to form his own thoughts on each frame what he deludes. He lifts the veil just slightly and allows the viewer to catch a glimpse of his surreal staged world and thereby to form their own idea. What preceded the moment and what future can know it? This so-called open end in the storyline. Elmar Dam creates an image that the viewer triggers, leaving them slightly longer dwell..

Elmar is best known for his (catchy, emotional, extravagant) editorial and contemporary art work. One of his favorites quotes is one from Albert Einstein : ” Creativity is Intelligence having fun” which is exactly what photography is!

Elmar is always open for collaborations and challenges in the photograpy scene. He loves to work with big teams, (fashion) designers and (interior) stylists.

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mystical reflection
it all depends on having a great team to make beautiful art