My personal favorite images.

This section shows my most recent- freework and personally favorite images I shot. To take a photo is one thing, to make an image which reflects your emotion is a totally different story. Like my photo buddy Peter Kemp, I think every member who gets involved in one of my projects is equally important. Without the help with these amazing professionals I work with (so grateful!) I could never (read: NEVER) achieve the results and goals I set to myself. That’s why we (together as a team) make a pre selection after the shoot. After I made the final selection, the post process fun begins! Editing on my wacom cintiq will take from several to about 100 hours (!). I know, that seems like a lot! But, i set my goals high, because details are very, very important to me. They will make the different in the final product. You will notice.. Without noticing ;)